Brief Description of Tool and its Usage

The Modified Community Healthy Living Index (M-CHLI) assessment tool will allow you to evaluate your organization's policy as a whole or only desired sections. A print version of responses and feedback is available for each completed section or for the entire completed assessment tool. In the case that policy language is considered missing or weak, suggestions for strengthening your policy language will be provided. Outside resources links are also provided for additional policy development information.

To begin your policy assessment please choose your organizations' region and then the desired environment. A complete map of counties within each region can be found using the link at the bottom of the page.

Country/Region Selection

Click the county/region on the map you live in to determine which assessment applies to you.

Missouri Regions Northwest Central East Southeast Southwest

Health Regions

  • Northwest
  • Central
  • Eastern
  • Southwest
  • Southeast

To view an enlarged map that includes all Missouri counties, click here.

Environment Selection

Click the environment that applies to you to select the appropriate questionnaire.