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                                  THE FIRST PHASE WAS AN ASSESSMENT
We collected policies across the state of Missouri to assess the quality of their  language regarding support for health, physical activity and nutrition. Our first manuscript describes our methods and findings.
                            THE SECOND PHASE WAS AN EVALUATION
Project independent analysts evaluated each policy using an instrument, the Modified Community Healthy Living Index (M-CHLI), that assisted them in evaluating the policies for both comprehensiveness and language strength. Additionally, we asked key informants with no policy analysis experience to evaluate a sample of the collected policies using the same instrument in order to draw comparisons between the two methods and improve the usability of the instrument for non experts. You may use the M-CHLI to assess your policy on this website. Just click the "Assess Your Policy" tab and follow the instructions.
We created Policy Lift to help identify model policy components and to provide various policy development resources to interested organizations and individuals as well as community decision-makers. The tools provided are evidence-based and designed to help you identify a model policy and assess the strength and comprehensiveness of a proposed or current policy. We have also included current research, resources, and access to local level policies to support your efforts to pass and implement strong policies that promote healthy eating and active living in your community.
Debra Haire-Joshu, PhD, is a Professor of Public Health at Washington University. She has directed Phases I, II and III of this project, and is an experienced investigator with expertise in the development, testing, and dissemination of obesity prevention interventions in underserved children and parents. She is also experienced in health policy development and evaluation at a national level.
Elsa Taricone is a Research Coordinator at Washington University and has been the project coordinator for the first three phases of the project. She has monitored project progress, and assisted with reporting and manuscript preparation.
Byron Yount is a Research Methodologist and Analyst at Washington University who created the survey design, and directed sampling, data management and statistical analyses of the evaluation data.
The Missouri Foundation for Health does not create programs, but rather it helps develop and fund programs through grants to eligible organizations in the region. The foundation’s priorities encompass activities in both the prevention and treatment of disease and disability.